Zora Psychotherapy

Covid Risk Assessment for Face to Face Client Sessions.

Risk Assessment; Updated 06/06/21.


  1. Psychotherapist has received both vaccinations for Covid-19. Second vaccine received on 1/04/21. Psychotherapist takes rapid lateral flow test twice weekly.

  2. All rooms used will be cleaned, disinfected, and ventilated before and after client sessions.

  3. Toilets and communal areas will be cleaned and disinfected after each client visit.

  4. Masks to be worn by therapist and client unless there is a reason why the client cannot use them.



  1. Masks must be worn in communal areas.

  2. Hand disinfectant will be available in all areas.

  3. Clients will be offered water in disposable paper cups or can bring their own drinks into the Therapy rooms.

  4. Separate sealed packets of tissues will be available to clients.